General update + a few scribblings re: Pay the Writers campaign

Some of my latest works to make it into print (online &/or off):

Hunter Writers Centre Grieve anthology 2014 (Print & e-book)

Ricochet Magazine, May 2014

Foam:e 2014

I’ve a lot of respect and appreciation for the folks involved in the Pay the Writers movement — as a consequence of which I am going to get paid for some of my soon-to-be-published work! It’s not so much the money (that helps) as having a sense creative work is gaining ground in terms of respect and value within Australian society. That feels great both as a writer and a human-being-interested and invested in ‘culture’.


More broadly, I think of artists like Amanda Palmer and her work pushing crowd-sourcing into untested waters over the last few years, and I think: we’re navigating something of a Wild West… a new frontier… or at least a highly transitional period in which much that had been taken for granted in the past (i.e. in the days of ‘old media’ monopolies) is up for grabs.

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