Say It Again

Foam:e Issue 11

She said I said
I loved her
and I think, did I?
Did I really do all that?

I said, you can’t say the same thing twice
and she said, what?!
You can’t say the same thing twice –
She cocks her head.

It’s like trying to throw a fish you’ve already killed
back into the stream.
Her head’s a trigger-happy marine
by this stage in the conversation.

I tell her there’s a mean gravity to feeling
when you do it out loud.
It’s never the same whale that comes floundering
out of your mouth;

It goes on before you –
you’re always chasing after it,
breaking your tongue
because there’s too much tension on the line.

I repeat myself only
when I wake up
at 4am
and the room is empty

– Kate Robin-White

Small Claims

We who slap and slop beside the sea
drown out the wails of a man
who has stitched his lips shut

His voice is an urgent record            scratched,
embroidered by speakers of tongues
close but not his

This voice carries other voices,
island-hopping voices: strained
like water forced
into the cloud of its birth

prayers hammered into the beach
with screwdrivers
and cans of fetid beer

the insatiate             wind

skin drums beating a jig on the deck of the Titanic

a hunger artist
laying hands on the pyre of vague mercies
dispatched by a mother he never knew


K Robin-White: Ricochet Magazine


General update + a few scribblings re: Pay the Writers campaign

Some of my latest works to make it into print (online &/or off):

Hunter Writers Centre Grieve anthology 2014 (Print & e-book)

Ricochet Magazine, May 2014

Foam:e 2014

I’ve a lot of respect and appreciation for the folks involved in the Pay the Writers movement — as a consequence of which I am going to get paid for some of my soon-to-be-published work! It’s not so much the money (that helps) as having a sense creative work is gaining ground in terms of respect and value within Australian society. That feels great both as a writer and a human-being-interested and invested in ‘culture’.


More broadly, I think of artists like Amanda Palmer and her work pushing crowd-sourcing into untested waters over the last few years, and I think: we’re navigating something of a Wild West… a new frontier… or at least a highly transitional period in which much that had been taken for granted in the past (i.e. in the days of ‘old media’ monopolies) is up for grabs.